Attendance (Fall 2021)

Beginning on Tuesday, September 7, attendance in lectures and discussion sections is required. However, I understand that on occasion students cannot attend lecture for a number of possible reasons: illness, religious holidays, sports, weddings, seriously-ill relatives, jury duty, etc. Therefore, I will automatically allow each student up to four excused absences from lecture (in the form of 16 missing clicker responses) and up to two excused absences from discussion section. (Students who forget to bring their clickers to lectures will be counted as absent.

After four excused absences from lecture or two excused absences from discussion section have been used, additional absences will be treated as unexcused.  The only exception will be for students who cannot attend any of their classes because of serious prolonged illness, and I will require reliable medical documentation to validate that exception.

We will lower your course grade for unexcused absences from lecture.  Absences from discussion section will lower your discussion-section grade, which forms part of the course grade.