Covid-19, Textbooks and Schedules, Fall 2021

Boston University will discontinue hybrid classes and return to in-person teaching in Fall, 2021.  Vaccinations are required for all students, faculty and staff, with exceptions only for valid medical or religious reasons.  Your instructor, Michael Manove, is fully vaccinated.  Nevertheless, I expect students to follow all safety rules issued by the university administration.  It is possible that we may use Zoom for certain purposes, but that has not yet been decided.

I will require students to attend their discussion sections and to participate in those classes with questions and comments.

There are three assigned textbooks for this course. The textbooks are FREE and available online, so there is no need to buy textbooks. Please do NOT buy or pay for any other course materials at this time. EC101 DD/EE lectures begin on Thursday Sept 2.

Please read the announcements posted on the right of this screen.

Check the Course Schedule frequently for required and recommended readings.

[Updated: July 21, 2021]