Doing Assigned Problems

Problems are an important part of this course, and you should devote considerable attention to them. Your instructor will assign problems every week, and those problems will be reviewed in your discussion sections. In addition, many other practice problems are available at the ends of chapters of the free course textbooks and elsewhere online (see below).  I will distribute practice midterms and final exams to help you prepare for the corresponding in-class exams, which are focused on the material in lectures.  Solving problems is essential for preparing for examinations, because problem solving requires active rather than passive thinking.

If you have difficulties with assigned problems, you are free to get help from other students, the TFs or your instructor, but you won’t learn anything by simply copying their answers.

Additional Problems Online

You may also want to practice with additional problems and multiple-choice questions online. The Econguru Guide has many links to question websites.

Questions can be found at these sites as well:

Using these sites may help you practice for your EC101 DD/EE exams.