Lecture Outlines

The following are links to outlines of the slides used in lecture. I suggest that you print the outlines and bring them with you to class. You will be able to add your own notes to the outlines. In fact, if you have the appropriate software, you may be able to use your laptop in class to add your notes to the outlines files. Some outline pages are blank, leaving additional space for notes. [The page numbers of the outlines may not correspond to the slide numbers shown in class.]

These slide outlines are contained in pdf files.  In order to access them on the web, the Adobe Reader, available free of charge, or another pdf reader must be installed in your computer. Many computers come with a pdf reader already installed.

Lecture Outlines usually become available by 7pm on the day before the lecture.

R 12/9/21 Lecture 24 Extensive-Form Games
T 12/7/21 Lecture 23 Dynamic Games
R 12/2/21 Lecture 22 Oligopoly
T 11/30/21 Lecture 21 Strategic Interaction
R 11/18/21 Lecture 20 Monopoly Price Discrimination
T 11/15/21 Lecture 19 Imperfect Competition
R 11/11/21 Lecture 18 Public Goods
R 11/4/21 Lecture 17 Economic Rents
T 11/2/21 Lecture 16 Profit Maximization and LR Competition
R 10/28/21 Lecture 15 Income/Substitution Effects, Profits/Costs
T 10/26/21 Lecture 14 Externalities
R 10/21/21 Lecture 13 Equity, Efficiency and International Trade
T 10/19/21 Lecture 12 Taxes
R 10/14/21 Lecture 11 Government Intervention
R 10/07/21 Lecture 10 Competition, Surplus, Efficiency
R 9/30/21 Lecture 09 Consumer Choice
T 9/28/21 Lecture 08 Other Elasticities
R 9/23/21 Lecture 07 Elasticity of Demand
T 9/21/21 Lecture 06 Market Equilibrium & Shifts
R 9/16/21 Lecture 05 Production & Supply
T 9/14/21 Lecture 04 Market Prices & Demand
R 9/9/21 Lecture 03 Free Markets & Exchange
T 9/7/21 Lecture 02 What is Economics?
R 9/2/21 Lecture 01 Introduction