Teaching Fellows: Fall, 2021

The members of our Teaching Fellow team are advanced PhD students in the Department of Economics.  You will learn a lot from them. Note: TF Office Hours will be held on Zoom.  Discussion-section times and locations will be listed on the Discussion-Section Page.

Name Photo Email
(include “EC101” in the subject)
Matteo Ferroni (Head TF) mferroni@bu.edu D1, D5, D6
Qingyan Luo qluo@bu.edu D3, D8, D9
Jiahao Shen jhshen@bu.edu D4, E1
Xunkang Tian xktian@bu.edu E0, E4, E6
Hong Wang hongxi@bu.edu D2, D7
Liqun Zhuge zhuge@bu.edu E2, E3