Problem-Set Assignments

These problem-set assignments are contained in pdf files. In order to access them on the web, the Adobe Reader, available free of charge, or another pdf reader must be installed in your computer.

The first problem assignment will be posted on Friday, 9/10/21, for Discussion Sections starting on 9/14/21. Problem-set assignments usually become available no later than 6:00 pm each Friday. You will be asked to discuss them during the discussion sections of the following week. Each problem set usually includes material from lectures and required readings scheduled on the previous Tuesday and Thursday and on the following Tuesday.

For discussion sections
starting on:
Link to Assignment available on the Friday before the discussion-section date. These titles are tentative and will be changed during the semester.
T 12/7/21 PS10 Strategic Interaction, Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition
T 11/30/21 PS09 Imperfect Competition and Price Discrimination
T 11/16/21 PS08 Economic Rents, Rent-Seeking, Public Goods
T 11/2/21 PS07 Externalities, Income and Substitution Effects, Profits and Costs, Long-Run Competition
T 10/26/21 PS06 Taxes and International Trade
T 10/19/21 PS05 Government Intervention, Price Controls and Rationing
T 10/12/21
PS04 Competition, Surplus and Efficiency
T 9/28/21
PS03 Market Equilibrium, S&D-Curve Shifts, Elasticities
T 9/21/21 PS02 Price, Production and Supply
T 9/14/21 PS01 Introduction and What is Economics
T 9/7/21 No Problem Set Assigned