Office Hours (Zoom)

No discussion sections or office hours are will take place on the day of Midterm Exam 1 (Tuesday, Oct 5).  Michael’s office hours are also canceled on exam day.  The Teaching Fellows will hold a special office hour later in the week, and those with Tuesday discussion sections will be invited to go to other discussion sections.  Expect an email from your TF.

The Zoom office hours of the Teaching Fellow Team (TFs) are given in the table below.  Michael’s office hours are included as well, but Michael uses a Zoom address different from that of the TFs.

You are free to get help from any member of the TF Team, but each TF will give priority to questions from the TF’s own students.

Join TF Zoom URL:
Meeting ID: 949 5635 0076
Passcode: 891686

*Join Michael’s Zoom URL:
Meeting ID: 617-353-3299
Passcode: [none]
If you plan to attend Michael’s Office Hours, please send him email at at least 30 minutes before office hours start. Tell him approximately what time you plan to attend.
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
10 Qingyan Matteo Michael*
11 Qingyan Matteo Michael*
1 Hong Laurie
2 Xunkang
3 Xunkang Liqun Matteo
4 Jiahao Xunkang Liqun
5 Jiahao