Course Schedule, Fall 2021

This schedule may be revised during the summer and
during the fall semester. Check it frequently!
Updated: Sept 16, 2021
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Most readings are from
OpenStax Textbook (S)

Minnesota Textbook (M)
CORE-Econ Textbook (C)

  • There are three types of readings: Required, Reference and Additional.
  • Students are responsible for the contents of all Lectures and Required Readings. Questions about the material in lectures and required readings will appear in problem sets and exams.
  • Reference Readings are provided for students who need help in understanding the lectures (not required). Don’t try to read all of them, but choose the reading that you think is most helpful. Most reference readings have review questions and problems at the end of the chapter. You may find them useful when you study for exams.
  • Additional Readings are provided in case students want to learn more about a topic (not required).
  • indicates PDF files. If your browser doesn’t open PDF files, you may need some kind of PDF software to open them.

All readings are available online. Textbook readings are also available offline if students download the textbooks as PDF files. For more information, go here.

Abbreviations: Days: T=Tuesday, R=Thursday, i=Chapter Introduction, r=end of chapter review and problems
Example: “S – Ch 1: all” means OpenStax Textbook, all of Chapter 1.
Example: “M – Ch 1: Sec i, 3” means Minnesota Textbook, Chapter 1: Sections i and 3 (but not Ch 1 and 2).
Example: “C – Ch 8: Sec i – 3” means CORE Textbook, Chapter 8: Sections i, 1, 2 and 3

L# Date   Day Lecture Topic
Click on a topic to see corresponding reading assignments.
Most of the links go to the first page of the online reading. Use the forward button
within the reading to reach the rest.

5-Oct   T   Midterm Exam I  (new date)
covers lectures 1-8 (not 9)

12-Oct  T  Monday Schedule, No EC101 Lecture

9-Nov   T   Midterm Exam II   (new date)
covers lectures 9-16 (not 17)

    22-26 Nov M-F Thanksgiving Week: No Lectures, No Discussion Sections
    Problem sets assigned the previous weekend are due in discussion starting on Nov 30.

Wednesday 15-Dec,  Final Exam (Cumulative) for EC101 **DD**, 12:00 – 2:00
Wednesday 15-Dec,  Final Exam (Cumulative) for EC101 **EE**,   3:00 – 5:00

*Religious Holidays: Absences from lecture for religious holidays are excused but count against the four automatically excused absences. Absences from discussion sections should be arranged with your TF and will be treated in a similar manner. Your instructor believes that students who miss classes for religious holidays, in their own best interest, should miss fewer classes for other reasons.  In Fall, 2021, three important Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) occur on Tuesdays. For that reason, I suggest that observant Jewish students avoid registering for Tuesday discussion sections.