How to Buy a Student Response Device (Clicker)

Beginning on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, every student will be required to have a TurningTechnologies RF-LCD student-response card (clicker) with a valid subscription or license. No other brand or model can be used in the course. The clicker works by itself, without a smartphone or other device.  You have a choice of a one-year subscription (strongly recommended) or a five-year subscription (if you plan on taking introductory courses in other departments in future years).  I strongly suggest that you buy a new RF-LCD Response Card at the BU B&N Bookstore ($46 with a one-year subscription). I do NOT recommend that you buy a clicker online.  You will be required to bring the clicker with you to every EC101 lecture.  Students will not be permitted to use another brand of clicker or a model without the small LCD window in the upper left of the clicker. Students are not permitted to use a smart-phone app instead to the clicker.

Buying a new clicker from the Bookstore has several important advantages: you get the clicker immediately, it cannot get lost in the mail, and if it stops working (a common problem), you can exchange it at the Bookstore for another one (be sure to keep your BU Bookstore clicker receipt and subscription voucher in a safe place). Keep in mind that only the TurningTechnologies RF-LCD clicker model can be used in this course. I do not recommend that you buy a used clicker—used clickers often stop working because of dead batteries or because of other problems, and the bookstore will not exchange them when they fail.

I recommend that you do not purchase a clicker until after the first day of classes on Thursday, September 2. Do not buy the clicker until you are sure you will stay in the course.

In order to get credit for using your clicker in class, you will have to register it on BlackBoard and activate the subscription. After you have purchased your clicker, please Create a Turningpont Account and Register Your Clicker.

Technical Support:
The easiest way to get help is to email Damon Carlson <>.  You can also contact TurningTechonologies by phone at 866-746-3015, 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Boston time. They also have a technical support website.

*The TurningTechnologies brand was selected for use by Boston University. No other brand may be used in BU classes at this time.  Other brands of clickers will not be compatible with the classroom technology in EC101 DD/EE lecture halls.