Religious Holidays, Fall 2017

Students in EC101 DD or EE are automatically excused from 4 absences from lectures and 2 absences from discussion sections for any reason, including religious holidays.  Religious holidays use up your automatically excused absences.  If you know you will be absent for religious holidays, avoid missing class for other reasons so that you do not exceed the absence limits. My advice for students who miss class for religious holidays is the same as for students who miss class for other reasons: be sure to get class notes from other students EC101 DD or EE, complete your assigned reading and problem sets and, for discussion sections, attempt to attend a discussion section on another day.

There are many Jewish Holidays in the fall semester, and I have avoided setting midterm exams on the most important ones (Yom Tov).  However, the EC101 EE final exam was set by the Registrar’s Office to be on Saturday, December 16.  If you are an observant Jew, please contact me about changing your EE final exam to the EC101 DD time, or to another time if necessary.

If you have questions about religious holidays or conflicts with course requirements because of them that go beyond the policy in the first paragraph, please contact me at  Kindly include “EC101 religious holidays” in the subject line.  TFs are not authorized to make decisions about religious holidays, so send any emails on the subject to me, although you should cc your TF if you will miss your discussion section.

Click on this link to read the official BU Policy on Student Absence Due to Religious Observance.