Free Online Textbooks: CORE and Minnesota

The most important material in EC101 DD and EE is contained in the lectures, discussions sections and assigned problem sets.

In the last few years, two free online textbooks have become available, CORE-Economics and an open textbook from the University of Minnesota. We have decided not to ask students to buy a commercially-published textbook this fall.  The commercially-published books are expensive and in my view, not worth their cost.

Recently, large number of leading research economists from around the world formed CORE-Economics, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating an online economics course. Their website, which is free to all users, contains an online electronic textbook, as well as problem sets and learning aids. Edition 1.0  of the ebook was published on August 14, 2017.  If you wish, you can register with CORE-Econ in order to gain access to additional materials.  See the CORE-Economics Table of Contents.

The publishers have withheld the name(s) of the author(s) of the Minnesota textbook, but it seems quite good, perhaps a better reference book for my lectures than CORE-Economics is.  It has clear explanations of a number of concepts.  See the Minnesota Principles-of-Economics Table of Contents.  Moreover it is possible to download the Minnesota textbook as a pdf file or as an ebook several formats.  The links for downloading are on the contents web page above the Table of Contents.

Students will be able to use the ebooks as a reference book to clarify concepts covered in lecture and to learn about material not covered in lecture.  Links to these readings will appear in the Schedule page of this course website.  As the fall semester progresses, the Schedule page will list readings from these ebooks.  Most reading will be optional; only a few are required.