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CM2 project receives NIH R01 from NINDS!

Computational Miniature Mesoscope for Cortex-wide, Cellular resolution Ca2+ Imaging in Freely Behaving Mice   ABSTRACT Perception and cognition arise from the coordinated activity of large networks of neurons spanning diverse brain areas. Understanding their emergent behavior requires large-scale activity measurements both within and across regions, ideally at single cell resolution. An integrative understanding of brain […]

Lei wins NSF CAREER award

This CAREER program aims to develop novel optical imaging devices that fully utilize multiple scattering to enable high-resolution imaging in highly scattering media. Scattering in complex media is a fundamental subject that continuously attracts theoretical and experimental endeavors, since it impacts many important applications. To date, solving the inverse-scattering problem remains difficult due to the […]

Project awarded through NSF I/UCRC

Project “Computational microscopy for label-free, high-throughput 3D cellular imaging” is funded through National Science Foundation, Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program, Center for Biophotonic Sensors & Systems

Project wins NVIDIA GPU grant

Project “High-throughput multi-scale computational microscopy” receives hardware award from NVIDIA GPU Grant Program.