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CISL at ICCP 2020

Imaging through diffusers with extended depth-of-field using a deep neural network Yunzhe Li, Shiyi Cheng, Yujia Xue, Lei Tian

CISL at OSA Biophotonics Congress 2020

We attended first virtual OSA conference! Computational Miniature Mesoscope for Single-shot 3D Fluorescence Imaging, Yujia Xue, Ian G. Davison, David A. Boas, and Lei Tian. Predicting immunofluorescence images from reflectance microscopy via deep learning,  Shiyi Cheng, Sipei Fu, Yumi Mun Kim, Ji Yi, and Lei Tian Author Information 

CISL at ISBI 2020

Our work Deep learning based phase imaging with uncertainty quantification (Authors: Tian, Lei; Xue, Yujia; Cheng, Shiyi; Li, Yunzhe) is presented at the ISBI Computational Optical Imaging virtual workshop! Watch Lei’s talk below.

CISL at Photonics West 2020

Y. Xue*, S. Cheng, Y. Li, L. Tian, “Towards reliable deep learning based phase microscopy”, SPIE Photonics West BIOS: Quantitative Phase Imaging, CA, Feb. 2020. Tahir*, J. Zhu, S. Kura, X. Cheng, R. Damseh, F. Lesage, S. Sakadžic, D. Boas, L. Tian, “A generalizable deep-learning approach to anatomical modeling of brain vasculature”, SPIE Photonics West […]

Alex, Waleed present at OSA Biophotonics Congress

Multiplexed Intensity Diffraction Tomography (mIDT) for Dynamic, Label-Free Volumetric Biological Imaging A Matlock, J Yi, L Tian – Novel Techniques in Microscopy, 2019   A Deep Learning Approach to 3D Segmentation of Brain Vasculature W Tahir, J Zhu, S Kura, X Cheng, D Boas, L Tian – Optics and the Brain, 2019

Alex, Yujia, Yunzhe, and Lei present at Photonics West 2019

Alex Matlock, Anne Sentenac, Ji Yi, Lei Tian, “Intensity-only reflection quantitative phase imaging for biological sample characterization”, SPIE Photonics West BIOS: Quantitative Phase Imaging conference, San Francisco, CA, Feb. 2019. Yujia Xue, Yunzhe Li, Lei Tian, “A deep learning approach to high space-bandwidth product phase microscopy with coded illumination”, SPIE Photonics West BIOS: Quantitative Phase […]

Waleed and Alex present at COSI 2017

W. Tahir and L. Tian, A Learning Approach to Compressive Holography, OSA Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging conference, San Francisco CA, Jun. 2017, paper CTh2B.1. A. Matlock, O. Avci, S. Unlu, and L. Tian, Differential Phase Contrast and Digital Refocusing in a Computational Reflection Interferometric Microscope for Nanoparticle Imaging, OSA Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging […]