Tag: Skills & Wages

Toward Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Labor

Morgan R. Frank, David Autor, James E. Bessen, Erik Brynjolfsson, et al.

New research analyzing the barriers that inhibit accurately measuring the effects of AI and automation on the future of work and developing a decision framework that focuses on resilience to unexpected scenarios.

The Business of Artificial Intelligence Startups

James Bessen, Stephen Michael Impink, Lydia Reichensperger, and Robert Seamans

A new survey of AI startups offers insight into AI’s impact on jobs and the economy, including data suggesting a competitive market for startups and the use of AI to enhance rather than replace human labor.

AI and the Economy

Robert Seamans and Jason Furman

Is artificial intelligence (AI) having a large effect on the economy?  A variety of statistics—including robotics shipments, AI startups, and patent counts—show a large increase in AI-related activity.  AI and robotics also have the potential to increase productivity growth but may cause labor market upheaval. This paper explores some strategies and policies for dealing with this upheaval.