Research Papers

  • National Network for Critical Technology Assessment

    Rena Conti, TPRI’s Faculty Director will lead the Opportunities for Biotechnology to...

  • Resilience to Automation: the Role of Task Overlap for Job Finding

    By Diego Dabed, Sabrina Genz and Emilie Rademakers

    Technology changes the demand for different skills. Automation, for example, eliminates some routine tasks, reducing the demand for related skills.

  • The Impact of AI on Work

    By Maarten Goos

    During the US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in late September 2021 in Pittsburgh, both the US and European Commission expressed strong interest in working on a joint study to assess the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on our workforces.

  • Director Job Security and Corporate Innovation

    By Po-Hsuan Hsu, Yiqing Lü, Hong Wu, and Yuhai Xuan

    Under the escalating global technology competition, corporate innovation activities play a critical role in determining firms’ future growth and survival.

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