Research Papers

  • Profit Taxation, R&D Spending, and Innovation

    By Andreas Lichter, Max Löffler, Ingo E. Isphording, Thu-Van Nguyen, Felix Poege, Sebastian Siegloch 

    Advances in pharmaceuticals and vaccines, robotics and artificial intelligence dominate newspaper headlines.

  • Do Incentives Matter for Hospitals?

    By Tal Gross, Adam Sacarny, Maggie Shi & David Silver

    America spends about 6 cents of every dollar at its hospitals. A natural question to ask: why not just pay those hospitals less? 

  • How important is price variation between health insurers?

    By Stuart V. Craig, Keith Marzilli Ericson, and Amanda Starc

    We examined how prices vary between insurers for the same procedure at the same hospital, using a dataset of all commercial Massachusetts hospital claims.

  • The role of TRIPS in encouraging pharmaceutical technological diffusion in developing countries

    Iain Cockburn, Tim Wilsdon, Michele Pistollato, Rajini Jayasuriya, and Thomas Watson

    The 1995 TRIPS Agreement between member states of the World Trade Organization (WTO) defines minimum standards of intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement.

  • US Insurer Spending on Ivermectin Prescriptions for COVID-19

    Insurers heavily subsidize the cost of ivermectin prescriptions for COVID, despite the lack of evidence that ivermectin is effective for COVID. In a new paper, published in JAMA, Questrom professor and TPRI co-lead Rena Conti with colleagues Kao-Ping Chua and Nora Becker (both University of Michigan) estimate that U.S. insurers may have wasted $2.5 million on these drugs in the week of August 13, 2021 alone.

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