Research Papers

  • The Impact of AI on Work

    By Maarten Goos

    During the US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in late September 2021 in Pittsburgh, both the US and European Commission expressed strong interest in working on a joint study to assess the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on our workforces.

  • Director Job Security and Corporate Innovation

    By Po-Hsuan Hsu, Yiqing Lü, Hong Wu, and Yuhai Xuan

    Under the escalating global technology competition, corporate innovation activities play a critical role in determining firms’ future growth and survival.

  • A New Approach To Patent Reform

    By Michael Meurer

    Patents are supposed to cover new and innovative inventions, so why are there patents on old or obvious creations such as a stick, a method of swinging on a swing, and bread with the crust cut off?

  • Filling the Gap: The Consequences of Collaborator Loss in Corporate R&D

    By Felix Poege

    Knowledge generation is increasingly pursued in collaboration. The success of such collaborative efforts is grounded in the joint use of “team-specific capital”.

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