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Course Spotlight: Sociology of Taste

MET ML 716, Sociology of Taste, with Dr. Connor Fitzmaurice, will be offered as a 14-week online course for the Fall 2023 semester (Sept 5-Dec 18). Course Description: Taste has an undeniable personal immediacy: producing visceral feelings ranging from delight to disgust. As a result, in our everyday lives we tend to think about taste as […]

Student Work Wednesday- Featuring Kelly Fernandes

This week we’re highlighting the work of Gastronomy student Kelly Fernandes.  Kelly completed a project in which she created a summer program for the Food Waste course taught by Steven Finn here at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. Here’s Kelly’s vision for the project: In one of my reflections, I spoke about creating a summer program that would […]

Course Spotlight: Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture Urban Planning and Food Studies MET ML 714 A1 (Summer 2- 2023)   Course Description: Climate change demands immediate action and, to withstand altered temperatures, people need to eat healthy food and be active.  Lessening drought in Africa or reducing food shipments are tasks beyond the reach of citizens but, with close-to-home urban […]

Course Spotlight: Food & Museums

Got Food? Got History? Go Public. Food and Museums (ML623), Fall 2023   In Food and Museums (4 cr), we examine food-related displays and programming from museums, living history museums, and folklore/folklife programs, as well as culinary tourism offerings, “historical” food festivals, and food tours. Our goal is to compare different approaches that use food […]

Student Work Wednesday- Featuring Richa Chitgopekar

This week we’re highlighting the work of Gastronomy student Richa Chitgopekar.  Richa completed this recipe recreation project for the Cookbooks and History course taught by Dr. Karen Metheny here at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. A little about the author: Richa Chitgopekar is a food enthusiast with a keen taste for cuisines of different regions and communities. […]