Student Work Wednesday- Featuring Kelly Fernandes

This week we’re highlighting the work of Gastronomy student Kelly Fernandes.  Kelly completed a project in which she created a summer program for the Food Waste course taught by Steven Finn here at Boston University’s Metropolitan College.

Here’s Kelly’s vision for the project:

In one of my reflections, I spoke about creating a summer program that would be beneficial for low-income children. I decided to expand on that idea and used the blog post to showcase it. 

I geared the content to show that SDGs can be achieved on smaller scales, starting with a small group within the community. I do think more SDGs can be touched with a similar model. Quality education can come in many forms and by teaching kids how to farm/harvest and subsequently cook, we are teaching them fundamentals and potentially minimizing future food insecurity.  

This is an out-of-the-box approach but I do believe that we can reduce food waste by connecting younger generations to the source of their food, detailing how much effort goes into growing foods and why it is important to buy/consume only what is needed. 

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