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The “Truth” About Social Media’s Impact

By Cathleen Cusachs Everyone seems to have an opinion on social media platforms and their effects on our society. But, what is the truth? The New Yorker tried to tackle this question by reviewing research on all sides of the opinionated coin. Their conclusion is inclusive; no one seems to know. “We’re years into this, […]

Making Mobile Communication Accessible

By Cathleen Cusachs Designing mobile-friendly websites or social media posts to be accessible is an important part of the process. According to the CDC, one in four U.S. adults live with a disability. This is equivalent to about 61 million people. If messaging is not accessible, its reach is limited. Here are some basic tips […]

Fake News, Social Media and Politics

After the 2016 election, “fake news” is one of the top words. Because during the election, fake news was widely shared on the Internet. And some people claimed that Trump would not have been elected president without the influence of fake news. Is that true? Many scholars tried to figure out if fake news on […]

Social Infomediation and Network Structures: Who Are Playing the Game?

When Smyrnaios (2018) mentions the term “infomediation”, he is emphasizing that, through controlling the Internet, oligopoly controls the source of knowledge and money. What’s more, oligopoly’s vertical integration of information production also enables these Internet giants to dominant direct contact with users (Smyrnaios, 2018). That’s why businesses and media publishers join the game to make […]

Our Culture of Technology

In a world of globalization, homogenization, McDonaldization, and all the other –izations that have been created to signify the “sameness” of cultures around the world, does content and culture affect how we use our technology? According to the Apparatgeist paradigm devised by Katz and Aakhus (2002), people and media technology are in a cyclical relationship […]