From the Director

Dear Friend:

Welcome to the website of the Center for Mobile Communication Studies at Boston University. Mobile technologies are increasingly transformative in every sphere of human endeavor. They have become central to the way we communicate, stay informed about the world, express our opinions, and organize ourselves. The influence of mobile communication technology is expanding what we do, how we feel, and how we perceive ourselves and others. Their already out-sized influence is bound to increase in every domain, from peer-group and street-level interactions to political conflict, international relations, and spiritual inspiration.

It is therefore vital that we turn our academic eye to the ways these technologies are changing society, economics, politics, and culture. Also of great significance is how users mix up, take possession of, and repurpose these technologies in ways that range from surprising to shocking. The Center for Mobile Communication Studies at BU aims to connect academics, students, policy-makers, and industry leaders interested in these issues and to serve as a forum to exchange ideas and fuel insightful research on the human aspects of mobile communication.

We hope you will find your visit informative and that you will keep in touch with us and our network of researchers.


Signature of James E Katz 12-2013