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Social Infomediation and Network Structures: Who Are Playing the Game?

When Smyrnaios (2018) mentions the term “infomediation”, he is emphasizing that, through controlling the Internet, oligopoly controls the source of knowledge and money. What’s more, oligopoly’s vertical integration of information production also enables these Internet giants to dominant direct contact with users (Smyrnaios, 2018). That’s why businesses and media publishers join the game to make […]

Our Culture of Technology

In a world of globalization, homogenization, McDonaldization, and all the other –izations that have been created to signify the “sameness” of cultures around the world, does content and culture affect how we use our technology? According to the Apparatgeist paradigm devised by Katz and Aakhus (2002), people and media technology are in a cyclical relationship […]