Zoom classes as a replacement for in-person learning: Student opinion survey exploring online education attitudes and experiences during the Covid pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in Spring 2020, many universities moved their course work to remote learning, i.e., online. To better understand students’ opinions about remote learning and satisfaction with Zoom classes, we surveyed undergraduate students at Boston University (N = 127) in the late spring of 2022. Our survey revealed that more than half of the students preferred traditional classroom settings to remote learning. Among the struggles that students identified arising from Zoom classes were isolation, decreased motivation and focus, difficulty communicating with peers and instructors, and technical issues. However, students appreciated the convenience that Zoom provided for their education, such as being able to record lectures and virtually attend classes from different parts of the world. Our results also revealed a difference in opinions between students from China and the US, with American students being less accepting of new technologies in education than their Chinese peers.

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