Data & Sample Repository

The data and sample repository is critical to future cross-cohort studies and will hold serum and plasma samples collected from Consortium cohorts as well as stored samples collected in previous cohorts of HIV-infected individuals with a history of alcohol problems (BREATH, HIV-LIVE, HERMITAGE, IMPACT). To request the use of repository samples, please fill out this form and email it to Natalia Gnatienko. If you would like to request the use of data or have any questions, please contact Natalia Gnatienko.


Scientific Literature

See here for some literature related to HIV, alcohol, and substance use that may be of interest. Some have been featured in our newsletters.


Check out who is currently collaborating with URBAN ARCH, including other consortia and centers funded by the NIAAA. 

Training and Research Methods

Here are some trainings and presentations that are of relevance to HIV, alcohol, and substance use.


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Events & Conferences

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Selected Funding Opportunities

Here are some selected funding opportunities related to HIV and substance use disorders.