URBAN ARCH, a member of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) CHAART (Consortiums for HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Research Translation) initiative, conducts and disseminates interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding how alcohol use impacts people affected by HIV and develops interventions to reduce alcohol use and alcohol and HIV-related consequences in this population.

We are thrilled to introduce the new International Uganda Russia Boston Alcohol Network for Alcohol Research Collaboration on HIV/AIDS (URBAN ARCH) Center, funded in September 2021 to examine the impact of alcohol use on the spectrum of tuberculosis infection among people with HIV. 


New Publication: Cannabis use frequency and pain interference among people with HIV.(Klepp et al., AIDS Care)

New Publication: The impacts of COVID-19 on structural inequities faced by people living with HIV who inject drugs: A qualitative study in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Carroll et al., Int J Drug Policy)

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New Publication: An acceptance-based, intersectional stigma coping intervention for people with HIV who inject drugs—a randomized clinical trial. (Luoma et al., Lancet Reg Health Eur)

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