Data & Sample Repository

The URBAN ARCH Consortium data and sample repository includes URBAN ARCH and associated NIAAA HIV and alcohol studies. To request use of URBAN ARCH data or samples, please contact Natalia Gnatienko.

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Baseline Follow Up


Uganda ARCH Cohort  A prospective cohort study of 447 HIV-infected men and women not on ART to examine the effect of heavy alcohol consumption on HIV disease progression prior to ART. COMPLETE PDF PDF Plasma, Dried blood spots
BREATH A prospective cohort study of 212 HIV positive alcohol consumers to quantify changes in alcohol consumption during the first year of HIV care. COMPLETE PDF PDF Plasma
ADEPTT A single-arm trial of TB preventive therapy to assess its toxicity, measure adherence, and determine whether its benefits outweigh its risks when given to TB/HIV-infected drinkers (n=300). ENROLLING PDF PDF N/A


Russia ARCH Cohort A prospective cohort study of 351 HIV-infected and ART naïve individuals to assess the relationship between alcohol consumption and biomarker (sCD14 and D-dimer) concentrations. COMPLETE PDF PDF Serum and plasma, Dried blood spots
ZINC HIV A double-blinded randomized controlled trial to assess the efficacy of zinc supplementation vs. placebo among 254 HIV+ Russians from the Russia ARCH Cohort, who are ART-naive at enrollment and have a recent history of heavy drinking. COMPLETE PDF PDF Serum and plasma, Dried blood spots
HERMITAGE A randomized controlled trial of 700 HIV-infected patients with risky alcohol consumption to test the effectiveness of a US HIV secondary prevention program, Healthy Relationships Intervention. COMPLETE PDF PDF N/A
IMPACT A cross-sectional study of 100 HIV-infected Russian adults from the HERMITAGE cohort to investigate the relationship between drug abuse and HIV disease progression. COMPLETE PDF PDF Plasma, PBMC
PREVENT A randomized controlled trial of 180  alcohol and drug dependent patients  in substance abuse treatment to develop and test the feasibility of adapting and implementing an efficacious US HIV prevention intervention in a Russian substance abuse treatment center. COMPLETE PDF PDF N/A
LINC  A randomized control trial of 349 Russian HIV-infected people who inject drugs (PWID) to improve upon the treat and retain dimensions of the “seek, test, treat, and retain” paradigm in Russia. COMPLETE PDF PDF N/A
St PETER A 4-arm placebo-controlled randomized controlled trial (RCT) among 400 HIV+ heavy drinking smokers to compare the effects of varenicline, cytisine, and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to reduce: 1) alcohol use and craving, 2) smoking; and 3) inflammation and risk for CHD and mortality. ENROLLING PDF PDF Serum and plasma, Dried blood spots
SCRIPT A randomized, 2-arm pilot study, to support HIV-positive people who inject drugs (PWID) coping with dual internalized stigma related to HIV and substance use, to compare Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with standard of care. ENROLLING PDF PDF N/A
LINC-II A two-armed randomized controlled trail among 240 HIV-positive PWID to implement and evaluate a multi-faceted intervention combining pharmacological therapy (i.e., rapid access to ART and receipt of naltrexone for opiod use disorder) and 12 months of strengths-based case management. ENROLLING PDF PDF N/A


Boston ARCH Cohort A prospective cohort study of 250 HIV-infected men and women affected by multiple substances-a spectrum of alcohol use, and all with substance dependence or Injection drug use. COMPLETE PDF PDF Serum and plasma, Dried blood spots
FAST PATH A SAMHSA-funded clinical program of 450 patients with alcohol or drug dependence who are at high-risk for transmitting or contracting HIV through risky drug or sexual behaviors to provide substance abuse treatment in conjunction with medical care and HIV prevention and risk reduction counseling in primary care settings. COMPLETE PDF PDF N/A
HIV-LIVE A prospective cohort study of 400 HIV-infected patients with a history of alcohol problems to investigate the relationship between alcohol and HIV progression and related factors in the context of the additional exposure of HCV infection. COMPLETE PDF PDF Serum
4F A prospective cohort study of 400 HIV-infected patients with a high prevalence of exposure to alcohol, illicit drugs, and polypharmacy to 1) test the associations between alcohol (and illicit drugs and polypharmacy) and falls (fractures secondarily), and 2) test the associations between alcohol (and illicit drugs and polypharmacy) and acute healthcare utilization. ENROLLING PDF PDF N/A


TAJ STUDY A cross-sectional study of 500 HIV-infected men who purchase sex and among HIV-infected women who sell sex recruited from Mumbai and Guntur to enable development of intervention research to address alcohol-related risky sex and, ultimately, reduce the transmission of HIV in India. COMPLETE PDF N/A N/A
*PDFs include Table of Contents and Table of Lab Values (with time points)