URBAN ARCH Administrative Core  

Grant Title: URBAN ARCH (1/5) Administrative Coordinating Core

The goal of the Administrative Core is to ensure that the scientific and programmatic goals of the URBAN ARCH Consortium are achieved with high quality and timeliness. The Administrative Core facilitates constructive communication and creative collaboration between all Consortium components and oversees access to resources including the URBAN ARCH data and sample repository.

Principal Investigator:

Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH

Chief of Section of General Internal Medicine, Boston Medical Center (BMC)

Professor of Medicine and Public Health (BUSM/BUSPH)

Study Contact:

Natalia Gnatienko, MPH (Natalia.Gnatienko@bmc.org)

Administrative Director

URBAN ARCH Biostatistics and Data Management Core 

Grant Title: URBAN ARCH (2/5) Biostatistics and Data Management (BDM) Core

The Biostatistics and Data Management (BDM) Core provides statistical and data management leadership in all phases of research thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of Consortium investigators and ultimately ensuring the scientific integrity of results from the URBAN ARCH Consortium studies. There are two principal objectives of the BDM Core: to provide active statistical collaboration in the design and analysis of each individual study; and to develop and maintain an integrated, centralized data management system that may be used by all studies within the URBAN ARCH Consortium.

Principal Investigator:

Debbie Cheng, ScD

Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Faculty and Staff:

Timothy Heeren, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Sara Lodi, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Michael Winter, MPH

Associate Director of Data Coordinating Center, BUSPH