Our laboratory has developed a number of software tools for the speech sciences and neuroimaging that are freely available from the links below.

  • SimpleDIVA App – App for fitting data from sensorimotor adaptation experiments using a simplified version of the DIVA model (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  • LaDIVA Source CodeMatlab/Simulink source code for the laryngeal DIVA model (LaDIVA), which combines the DIVA model of speech motor control with extended body cover model for laryngeal biomechanical control.
  • DIVA Source Code – Matlab/Simulink versions of the full DIVA model of speech motor control.
  • GODIVA Source Code – Matlab/Simulink implementation of the GODIVA model of speech sequencing.
  • Audapter – Matlab software package for configurable real-time manipulation of acoustic parameters of speech.
  • Matlab VTK Integration – Software for integrating Kitware’s VTK (Visualization Toolkit) with Matlab.
  • Trigger Extension for Psyscope – Psyscope Extension that allows us to send TTL pulses to the fMRI scanner from within the Psyscope stimulus presentation software.
  • VTCalcs for Matlab – Matlab version of Shinji Maeda’s vocal tract model, VTCalcs.
  • SpeechLab Toolkit (SLT) v.beta –  Suite of functional imaging tools that includes a parcellation tool for creating anatomically defined regions of interest and a set of scripts for SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping) that allows for ROI-based statistical analysis within the SPM program.