SimpleDIVA App

This app allows the user to apply a simplified version of the DIVA model to data collected from auditory sensorimotor adaptation experiments. Specifically, the app takes as input a spreadsheet (csv format) that has one row per trial of the experiment. The first column should contain the perturbation value for each trial (as a decimal percentage; e.g., a 30% downward shift of F1 is -0.3), and each subsequent column contains data for an individual subject (one data point per trial per subject). The software then finds optimal fit values for three DIVA model parameters: an auditory feedback control gain, a somatosensory feedback control gain, and a trial-to-trial learning (adaptation) rate. The model’s fit to the data is then displayed, and statistics for the fit are provided. The resulting parameter values provide a mechanistic interpretation of the experimental data.

Additional instructions for installing and using SimpleDIVA can be found here.

Current version [Version 1.1, Apr 24, 2019]

This version corrects a bug in Version 1.0 that incorrectly reported the value of the parameter lambda_FF and adds shading to indicate noise-masked trials in the output plots.

NOTE: SimpleDIVA requires Matlab Runtime 2017b, a free software package that will be downloaded and installed on your computer (~2.8 GB of disk space) during the SimpleDIVA installation process. If Matlab Runtime 2017b is not already on your computer, you must be connected to the internet during installation of SimpleDIVA.

Download [Windows, 1.5 MB]
After downloading, open the zip file and run the executable to install the software.

Download [Macintosh, 0.8 MB]
After downloading, open the zip file and run the installer. You may get a warning that says the installer can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. If this happens, right-click the installer, and click ‘open’ and then click ‘open’ again in the pop-up window.

Download [Linux, 1.7 MB]
Open zip file and follow instructions in readme file. This version has not been thoroughly tested and installation is more complex; we thus recommend using the Mac or Windows version if possible.