Research Projects


Research in the Speech Neuroscience Lab is focused on combining computational modeling efforts with  psychophysical and functional brain imaging experiments in order to understand the neural processes underlying speech production and their breakdown in communication disorders such as stuttering, dysarthria, apraxia of speech, autism, and disorders of the vocal apparatus. We also work with intracranial electrode technologies such as electrocorticography and intracortical microelectrodes in human patients with the aim of developing speech restoration technology for individuals with severely impaired speech motor capabilities. For further details regarding individual research projects, see the menu at right.

Our work is currently supported by:

• NIH R01 DC002852, Frank Guenther Principal Investigator (2/1/1996-7/31/2021)
• NIH R01 DC007683, Frank Guenther Principal Investigator (4/1/2006-4/30/2021)
• NIH P50 DC015446, Frank Guenther Co-Investigator (Principal Investigator Robert Hillman; 4/01/2017-3/31/2022)
• NIH R01 DC016270, Frank Guenther Co-Investigator (Principal Investigator Cara Stepp; 3/16/2018-2/28/2023)