DIVA Source Code

The source code distributions for various versions of DIVA developed in the lab are available here.

Current version [ Oct 22, 2017] (Language: Matlab Simulink)

*Download [1.6 MB, for Matlab 2017a]

This is the most recent release of the Matlab Simulink DIVA code. New features in this release include a built-in auditory perturbation Simulink block and improved control over the feedforward command learning process.

Previous version [ Sep 1, 2015] (Language: Matlab Simulink)
*Download [3 MB, for Matlab 7.2 or earlier]

*Download [3 MB, for Matlab R2010b and later]
This release of the DIVA model source code is implemented in Matlab’s Simulink environment. For this release, the large-scale neural network model is composed of several interconnected Simulink subsystems. The operation of each Simulink subsystem is implemented using standard Simulink block operations (e.g. sums, gains, delays, convolutions, etc.) and a few non-standard blocks (e.g. fixed and adaptive synaptic weights) using Simulink level-2 Matlab S-functions. The manual (DIVAsimulink.pdf provided in the download) describes the function of each Simulink subsystem in terms of its operation in the DIVA model as well as how to set block-specific parameters. *Note: Users of Matlab R2010a and earlier should update the DIVA Simulink model using the following command after unpacking the ZIP file:

slupdate diva;

then close and save the model when prompted.

Previous version [ Apr 2, 2007] (Language: Matlab,C mex files)
*Download [8MB]
This release includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to aid researchers in running simulations and changing model parameters. In addition, a library of stored simulations is available. The vtsynth and vtcalcs packages are included with the rest of the model. Note that the vtsynth mex file has be changed to reflect C programming syntax. Please read the README.txt for instructions.

Previous version [ May 4, 2004] (Language: Matlab,C/C++ mex files)
*Download [2MB]
For this release, depending on your system you might need to recompile a couple of dlls/mexglxs. Instructions are in the README.m file.

Original DIVA code [Upto 1998] (Language: C)
*Download [6MB]