Guenther lab members present at the 7th International Conference on Speech Motor Control

The Guenther Lab’s Principal Investigator, Frank Guenther, and Assistant Director, Jason Tourville recently attended the 7th International Conference on Speech Motor Control held in Groningen, the Netherlands. The conference, which takes place roughly once every 5 years, brings together colleagues from leading research groups that study speech motor control and related disorders.

During the “Windows on the Brain” session, Dr. Tourville discussed efforts to leverage the lab’s large database of speech production fMRI data to identify reliable functional boundaries within the speech motor control neural network. Later in the session, Dr. Guenther described a framework that we have developed to quantitatively assess neurocomputational models of speech production using neuroimaging data.


Presentation given by Assistant Professor Jason Tourville.


Enjoying some down time in Groningen, from left: Dr. Jason Whifield, Anna Gravelin, Dr. John Houde, Gabe  Cler, Dr. Frank Guenther, Liz Heller Murray, Dr. Cara Stepp, Dr. Jay Bohland,  Dr. Catherine Theys, Dr. Jason Tourville


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