Volume 6, Issue 4

October – December 2019

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URBAN ARCH Investigates Pain among People Living with HIV

In this edition of the URBAN ARCH Newsletter we will highlight updates in URBAN ARCH pain-related research projects among individuals living with HIV and heavy alcohol use.

2020 URBAN ARCH Annual Meeting


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Spotlight on…Judith Tsui

In this issue, we interview Judith Tsui, MD, MPH, an associate professor of Medicine at University of Washington.



On The Ground

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New URBAN ARCH Publications

Article Spotlight

Tailoring A Telehealth Intervention to Address Chronic Pain and Heavy Drinking Among People with HIV

Chronic pain and heavy alcohol use frequently co-occur and can impact health outcomes, especially among people living with HIV (PLWH). Boston ARCH researchers interviewed 10 study participants with HIV to understand their experiences and treatment of HIV, chronic pain, and alcohol use to inform the development of a telehealth intervention to address these conditions. Questions explored the influence of alcohol on HIV and chronic pain, as well as motivation to change drinking.

  • Themes that emerged from the one-on-one interviews include: resilience in coping with HIV; autonomy in health care decision-making; coping with pain, stress, and emotion; understanding treatment rationale; depression and social withdrawal; motives to drink and refrain from drinking; technology use and capacity; and preference for intervention structure and style.
  • Videoconferencing was identified as an acceptable modality for intervention delivery.

Comments: One-on-one interviews with people living with HIV, alcohol use, and pain can inform the development of intervention tools to reach this population. Among these participants, videoconferencing emerged as a potential modality for a telehealth intervention. They also cited factors such as mental health and autonomy in health care decision-making as important considerations. For any intervention modality to be successful, it should be as tailored as possible to its target population.

Reference: Palfai TP, Taylor JL, Saitz R, Kratzer MPL, Otis JD, Bernstein JA. Development of a tailored, telehealth intervention to address chronic pain and heavy drinking among people with HIV infection: integrating perspectives of patients in HIV care. Addict Sci Clin Pract. 2019;14(1):35.

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