Volume 8, Issue 3

July – September 2021

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Article Spotlight

Across Three URBAN ARCH Cohorts of People Living With HIV, Were Women as Likely as Men to Engage in Heavy Alcohol Use? 

Many people living with HIV (PLWH) also have alcohol use, which has been associated with negative health outcomes in this population. URBAN ARCH researchers examined data from the Boston, Russia, and Uganda cohorts to determine whether gender was associated with heavy drinking among PLWH. 

  • Even when adjusting for potential confounders, there was no association found between gender and heavy drinking in the Boston or Russia cohorts.
  • In the Uganda cohort, women were less likely to engage in heavy drinking than men (adjusted odds ratio, 0.38).

Comments: It is concerning that women were as likely as men to engage in heavy drinking in the Boston and Russia cohorts of PLWH. Women may have different motivations for—and biological responses to—alcohol use than men; interventions designed to target women with HIV and heavy alcohol use should take these factors into account, especially since unhealthy alcohol use can affect HIV disease progression, care access, and transmission. 

Reference: Gnatienko N, Calver K, Sullivan M, et al. Heavy alcohol use among women and men living with HIV in Uganda, Russia, and the United States. J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2021;82(4):486–492.

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