2018 Annual Meeting

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  • Katelyn Sileo, Jeffrey Samet, Judy Hahn

  • Shirish Barve

  • Sally Bendiks and Julia Canfield

  • Kaku So-Armah and Tibor Palfai

  • Kendall Bryant

  • Kendall Bryant, Ken Freedberg, Victor Hesselbrock, Mimi Kim

  • Amy Perlack, Karsten Lunze, Sara Lodi

  • Julia Canfield, Evgeny Krupitsky, Greg Patts, and Natalia Gnatienko

  • Sally Bendiks and Mayowa Sanusi

  • Tibor Palfai, Judith Tsui, Rob Edwards, Jeffrey Samet, Kendall Bryant

  • Amy Justice and Matt Freiberg

  • Karsten Lunze and Carly Bridden

  • Rob Edwards

  • Debbie Cheng and Rich Saitz

  • Rich Saitz, Karsten Lunze, Kendall Bryant

  • Rich Saitz and Matt Freiberg

  • Peggy Doyle and Kaku So-Armah

  • Yicheng Ma

  • Aldina Mesic and Jasmin Choi

  • Sara Lodi, Alex Walley, Rich Saitz

  • Amy Justice and Michael Stein

  • Meg Sullivan, Natalia Gnatienko, Sally Bendiks, Judy Tsui

  • Judy Hahn and Ben Linas

  • Chris Kahler and Bob Cook

The 7th URBAN ARCH Annual Meeting was held on March 27-28, 2018 on the Boston University Medical Campus. This meeting brought together approximately 70 investigators, staff, Scientific Advisory Panel members, and other collaborators both in the U.S. and abroad to discuss the progress and future direction of the URBAN ARCH Consortium, including trainee engagement and external collaborations.

Click here for the 2018 Annual Meeting Program Booklet

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URBAN ARCH Junior Investigators

URBAN ARCH II Baseline Characteristics:

If you would like to access the 2018 Annual Meeting presentations, please contact carly.bridden@bmc.org for the password.