DSLab researchers present their work at the 2024 NEDSI Conference

Seven DSLab students and alumni attended the 53rd Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Conference in Cambridge, MA on April 5-April 7, 2023. Three DSLab researchers presented papers: (1) Repair Kit Inventory Policy Creation with Empirical Stochastic Branch-and-Bound (co-authored by Ruth Wootisarn, Zoe Zhang, and Jocelyn Wang); (2) Decision Support Approach for Ranking Response Options in Reaction to Climate Change (co-authored by Hanyi Zheng, Camille Yao, Charlie Liu); and Using Analytics to Support Customized Training for Time-Dependent Patient Prioritization (co-authored by Jake Hwang, Rainy Xu, and Siana Yu).  Jocelyn, Ruth, Zoe, and Rainy attended the conference with Rainy and Jocelyn delivering presentations. Because Hanyi, Charlie, and Jake were not able to attend, their presentation was delivered by Kelly Srivichaiin, Yura Gao, and Anu Dande (who have taken over and extended their project this Spring). Congratulation to the participants!

DSLab Welcomes New Spring 2024 Researchers

The DSLab welcomes 3 new research team members for the Spring 2024 term.  They are MET students Kaumudi (Anu) Dande (MS candidate in Applied Business Analytics), Yu (Yura) Gao (MS candidate in Applied Data Analytics), and Kunsinee (Kelly) Srivichaiin (MS candidate in Supply Chain Management).  They will work on a project, sponsored by the BU Institute for Global Sustainability’s Campus Climate Lab, that will create a decision support tool for BU facility managers to effectively compare risk mitigation options in the presence of future climate change impacts. They join continuing research assistants Ruth Wootisarn (MS candidate in Supply Chain Management), Liying (Zoe) Zhang (MS candidate in Applied Business Analytics), and Xueying (Jocelyn) Wang (MS candidate in Applied Business Analytics).

Pictured: Anu, Kelly, Yura

MET DSLab Presents Research at the Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference in Atlanta

Ten research assistants accompanied MET Decision Sciences Research Laboratory (DSLab) Director John Maleyeff to the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (November 17-20).  They participated in five presentations at this international conference of decision science academics and practitioners. Here is the list of presentations:

  • Liying (Zoe) Zhang and Ruthairut (Ruth) Wootisarn made a presentation entitled “A Simheuristic Approach for Repair Kit Inventory Policy Creation,” which was co-authored by DSLab researcher Xueying (Jocelyn) Wang, who also attended the conference. Other co-authors were Jia (Frannie) Fang and Yugesh Asokan, who were unable to attend.
  • Tianyu (Rainy) Xu made a presentation entitled “Validation for Risk Severity Planning System with Multicollinear and Autoregressive Inputs, ” which was co-authored by Jingyu (Bonnie) Wang and Tianyuan (Terry) Liu, who were unable to attend. This work was associated with the ongoing MBTA Winter Storm Planning System project.
  • Hanyi (Hani) Zheng, Zhilin (Charlie) Liu, and Yucheng (Camille) Yao made a presentation entitled “Decision Support Model for Ranking Risk Management Approaches,” which took place in a session that was moderated by Jingyi (Jean) Wu.
  • Jae Yoon (Jake) Hwang made a presentation entitled “A Customer Service Personnel Training Application for Time-Dependent Urgency Decision Making,” which was co-authored by Xinran (Siana) Yu and Rainy Xu, who also attend the conference.
  • Maleyeff made a presentation entitled “Climate Change Risk Assessment for a University Campus,” which was co-authored by DSLab researchers Jiaoxue (Michelle) Liu, Yujue (Caroline) Tan, Maria Kristina, and Prof. Dave Weidman, who were unable to attend.  This project was funded by a grant awarded the BU Institute for Global sustainability.

More information about the DSLab and its past and ongoing projects can be found here:

The DSLab held its sixth research symposium on November 3, 2023.

The Boston University Metropolitan College (MET) Decision Sciences Research Lab (DSLab) held its 6th internal symposium on November 3.  The symposium showcased current projects being undertaken by the DSLab, whose purpose is to provide opportunities for MET students to collaborate with professors and practitioners on research projects.  The presentations concerned repair inventory simulation analysis (Jocleyn Wang, Ruth Wootisarn, and Zoe Zhang), risk response analysis to mitigate climate change impacts (Hani Zheng, Charlie Liu, Camille Yao, and Jean Wu), a nurse training application (Siana Yu, Jake Hwang, and Rainy Xu), and validation for MBTA winter storm planning (Rainy Xu, Bonnie Wang, and Terry Liu). Watch the four presentations here.

INFORMS 2023 Conference Showcases Contributions from DSLab Researchers

From October 15 to October 17, 2023, a group of researchers from the Decision Sciences Laboratory (DSLab) made their mark at the INFORMS 2023 Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.

(1) Ruthairut (Ruth) Wootisarn delivered a talk titled "Repair Kit Simheuristic Inventory Modeling."

(2) Tianyu (Rainy) Xu presented a poster titled "Clustering Autoregressive Weather Parameters for Validating a Winter Storm Planning System."

(3) Jae Yoon (Jake) Hwang presented a poster titled "Capacity Planning for Services with Customers Having Time-Dependent Priorities".

(4) Xueying (Jocelyn) Wang and Liying (Zoe) Zhang jointly presented a poster titled "Branch-And-Bound To Optimize Repair Part Inventory Policies Using Simheuristics".

(5) Zhilin (Charlie) Liu, Yucheng (Camille) Yao, Hanyi (Hannie) Zheng, and Jingyi (Jean) Wu presented a poster titled "Supply Chain Risk Response Analysis Using Utility Functions."

(6) Two DSLab alumni, Jingran (Kiki) Xu and Xiaotong (Claire) Ding attended and gave two talks.

The DSLab's presence and contributions at the INFORMS 2023 Conference underscore their commitment to advancing decision sciences and operations research. Congratulations to all the participants for their work and representation!

For more information about the DSLab and their research, please visit




DSLab Researchers to be active at INFORMS and DSI national conferences

DSLab researchers had 4 posters and 3 presentations accepted for the upcoming INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) conference to be held in October in Phoenix (Arizona), and they had 3 papers and 2 presentations accepted for the
upcoming DSI (Decision Sciences institute) conference to be held in November in Atlanta (Georgia). Eleven researchers have already registered for the INFORMS conference. These efforts represent both the Spring 2023 projects and Summer 2023 projects, that a total of 16
researchers contributed. More information about the DSLab and its research projects can be found on this site: .

Photo Caption:

Spring and summer DSLab researchers gather for a picnic in Jamaica Plain. Bottom (left-to-right) are Rainy Xu, Hani Zheng, John Maleyeff, Zoe Zhang, and Maria Kristina. Middle (left-to-right) are Bonnie Wang, Alice Ying, Michelle Liu, Claire Ding, and Frannie Fang. Top (left-to-
right) are Terry Liu, Max Tang, Charlie Liu, Jake Hwang, Siana Yu, and Jean Wu.

DSLab Welcomes Summer 2023 Researchers

The DSLab welcomes 7 new research team members for the Summer 2023 term.  They join continuing research assistants Tianyu (Rainy) Xu (MS candidate in Enterprise Risk Management) and Ruth Wootisarn (MS candidate in Supply Chain Management).  The new research assistants are all M.S. students at Metropolitan College: Zhilin (Charlie) Liu (Supply Chain Management), Liying (Zoe) Zhang (Applied Business Analytics), Xinran (Siana) Yu (Applied Business Analytics), Jaeyoon (Jake) Hwang (Supply Chain Management), Hanyi (Hanni) Zheng (Enterprise Risk Management), Jingyi (Jean) Wu (Applied Business Analytics), and Xueying (Jocelyn) Wang (Applied Business Analytics).  They will work on projects that include visualization of supply chain risk likelihoods and impacts, simheuristics for repair part inventory control, and development of simulation models with multicolinear and autocorrelated inputs.

Jiaoxue Liu, Yujue Tan, and Maria Kristina Share Insights at Campus Climate Lab

On April 12th, the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability's Campus Climate Lab hosted a presentation titled "Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation Strategies," shedding light on the pressing challenges posed by climate change. DSLab researchers Jiaoxue Liu, Yujue Tan, and Maria Kristina, under the guidance of Professors Maleyeff and Weidman, shared their valuable insights during the event.

The presentation session provided a platform for the team to discuss the significant impacts of climate change on the BU medical campus, including the criticality of BU facilities. Attendees were engaged in a thoughtful discussion about the critical issues surrounding climate change and the urgent need for action.

Pictured: John Maleyeff, Maria Kristina, Jiaoxue Liu, David Weidman, and Yujue Tan


DSLab researchers travel to NEDSI Conference in Washington DC

Fourteen MET students, including 12 DSLab researchers and alumni attended the 52nd Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Conference in Washington, DC on March 30-April 1, 2023. Four DSLab researchers presented papers:

(1) Grace Niu (with co-authors Caroline Tan and Amelia Zhao),

(2) Claire Ding,

(3) Frannie Fang (with co-author Bob Jiang), and Michelle Liu (with co-author Adrian Perez).

Three researchers presented posters:

(1) Caroline (who won third place in the graduate poster competition),

(2) Michelle, and

(3) Frannie.

Other DSLab researchers who attended (along with Bob and Amelia) were Ruth Wootisarn, Maria Kristina, Yugesh Asokan, Bonnie Wang, and Rainy Xu.  Two other MET students attended: Max Tang and Alice Ying (Alice also presented a paper that was co-authored by Profs. Kathleen Park and Eugene Pinsky).  Congratulation to the participants!


The DSLab held its fifth semi-annual research symposium on January 17, 2023.

Presentations concerned repair inventory simulation analysis (Bob Jiang and Frannie Fang with Kiki Xu), climate change impacts on Boston hospitals – Phase 2 (Grace Niu, Caroline Tan, and Amelia Zhao), classification trees for DOE applications (Michelle Liu and Adrian Perez), and Tableau with Python interface for MBTA winter storm planning (Danielle Song, Terry Liu, and Claire Ding). Watch an introduction and the first three presentations here.