INFORMS 2023 Conference Showcases Contributions from DSLab Researchers

From October 15 to October 17, 2023, a group of researchers from the Decision Sciences Laboratory (DSLab) made their mark at the INFORMS 2023 Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.

(1) Ruthairut (Ruth) Wootisarn delivered a talk titled “Repair Kit Simheuristic Inventory Modeling.”

(2) Tianyu (Rainy) Xu presented a poster titled “Clustering Autoregressive Weather Parameters for Validating a Winter Storm Planning System.”

(3) Jae Yoon (Jake) Hwang presented a poster titled “Capacity Planning for Services with Customers Having Time-Dependent Priorities”.

(4) Xueying (Jocelyn) Wang and Liying (Zoe) Zhang jointly presented a poster titled “Branch-And-Bound To Optimize Repair Part Inventory Policies Using Simheuristics”.

(5) Zhilin (Charlie) Liu, Yucheng (Camille) Yao, Hanyi (Hannie) Zheng, and Jingyi (Jean) Wu presented a poster titled “Supply Chain Risk Response Analysis Using Utility Functions.”

(6) Two DSLab alumni, Jingran (Kiki) Xu and Xiaotong (Claire) Ding attended and gave two talks.

The DSLab’s presence and contributions at the INFORMS 2023 Conference underscore their commitment to advancing decision sciences and operations research. Congratulations to all the participants for their work and representation!

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