DSLab Researchers to be active at INFORMS and DSI national conferences

DSLab researchers had 4 posters and 3 presentations accepted for the upcoming INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) conference to be held in October in Phoenix (Arizona), and they had 3 papers and 2 presentations accepted for the
upcoming DSI (Decision Sciences institute) conference to be held in November in Atlanta (Georgia). Eleven researchers have already registered for the INFORMS conference. These efforts represent both the Spring 2023 projects and Summer 2023 projects, that a total of 16
researchers contributed. More information about the DSLab and its research projects can be found on this site: .https://sites.bu.edu/met-dslab/.

Photo Caption:

Spring and summer DSLab researchers gather for a picnic in Jamaica Plain. Bottom (left-to-right) are Rainy Xu, Hani Zheng, John Maleyeff, Zoe Zhang, and Maria Kristina. Middle (left-to-right) are Bonnie Wang, Alice Ying, Michelle Liu, Claire Ding, and Frannie Fang. Top (left-to-
right) are Terry Liu, Max Tang, Charlie Liu, Jake Hwang, Siana Yu, and Jean Wu.

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