Jiaoxue Liu, Yujue Tan, and Maria Kristina Share Insights at Campus Climate Lab

On April 12th, the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability’s Campus Climate Lab hosted a presentation titled “Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation Strategies,” shedding light on the pressing challenges posed by climate change. DSLab researchers Jiaoxue Liu, Yujue Tan, and Maria Kristina, under the guidance of Professors Maleyeff and Weidman, shared their valuable insights during the event.

The presentation session provided a platform for the team to discuss the significant impacts of climate change on the BU medical campus, including the criticality of BU facilities. Attendees were engaged in a thoughtful discussion about the critical issues surrounding climate change and the urgent need for action.

Pictured: John Maleyeff, Maria Kristina, Jiaoxue Liu, David Weidman, and Yujue Tan


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