DSLab researchers present their work at the BU Campus Climate Lab Symposium

Pictured: Yura, Anu, Kelly, Manpreet Singh (CCL), Profs. Weidman and Maleyeff

DSLab researchers Anu Dande, Kelly Srivichaiin, and Yura Gao prepared a presentation titled “Decision Support for Climate Mitigation Decision Making,” that Anu and Yura delivered to participants at the BU Campus Climate Lab (CCL) symposium on April 10.  The presentation summarized their project, supported by CCL research assistantships, that developed a decision support system for BU facility managers who need help choosing among several climate risk mitigation options.  It includes both economic and behavioral elements, and it satisfies a BU Climate Action Plan recommendation that research be conducted in decision making methodologies associated with climate action decisions at BU.

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