DSLab Welcomes New Spring 2024 Researchers

The DSLab welcomes 3 new research team members for the Spring 2024 term.  They are MET students Kaumudi (Anu) Dande (MS candidate in Applied Business Analytics), Yu (Yura) Gao (MS candidate in Applied Data Analytics), and Kunsinee (Kelly) Srivichaiin (MS candidate in Supply Chain Management).  They will work on a project, sponsored by the BU Institute for Global Sustainability’s Campus Climate Lab, that will create a decision support tool for BU facility managers to effectively compare risk mitigation options in the presence of future climate change impacts. They join continuing research assistants Ruth Wootisarn (MS candidate in Supply Chain Management), Liying (Zoe) Zhang (MS candidate in Applied Business Analytics), and Xueying (Jocelyn) Wang (MS candidate in Applied Business Analytics).

Pictured: Anu, Kelly, Yura

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