DSLab researchers present their work at the 2024 NEDSI Conference

Seven DSLab students and alumni attended the 53rd Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Conference in Cambridge, MA on April 5-April 7, 2023. Three DSLab researchers presented papers: (1) Repair Kit Inventory Policy Creation with Empirical Stochastic Branch-and-Bound (co-authored by Ruth Wootisarn, Zoe Zhang, and Jocelyn Wang); (2) Decision Support Approach for Ranking Response Options in Reaction to Climate Change (co-authored by Hanyi Zheng, Camille Yao, Charlie Liu); and Using Analytics to Support Customized Training for Time-Dependent Patient Prioritization (co-authored by Jake Hwang, Rainy Xu, and Siana Yu).  Jocelyn, Ruth, Zoe, and Rainy attended the conference with Rainy and Jocelyn delivering presentations. Because Hanyi, Charlie, and Jake were not able to attend, their presentation was delivered by Kelly Srivichaiin, Yura Gao, and Anu Dande (who have taken over and extended their project this Spring). Congratulation to the participants!

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