Request for Proposals

Enterprise Risk Management Capstone Projects

Boston University (BU) M.S. students in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at Metropolitan College (MET) have the option to complete a capstone project.  This project requires that the student enroll in the four-credit course “Capstone Project in Enterprise Risk Management” (MET AD805) that can serve either as a replacement for a specialization course (MET AD613 or MET AD614), or as an elective course.  It is an independent study course, with each student completing a unique project.

An ERM Capstone Project should consist of a problem statement and application of ERM methodologies that can result in a publicly disseminated report, article or presentation.  The target audience would consist of professionals in the ERM discipline.  As such, the project cannot consist of solving a work-related problem whose contents could not be made public.  In addition, the student must retain a BU professor (part-time or full-time) as an advisor.

All ERM Capstone Projects are completed within a full semester, either Fall (Sep-Dec), Spring (Jan-Apr), or Summer (May-Aug).  Students pay full tuition for the course, which must be approved by the faculty advisor as well as the ERM Program Coordinator.  Faculty do not recommend project topics to students.  Students must develop the project idea, and the targeted faculty advisor would work with the student to develop the project scope.  The proposal must be approved by the faculty advisor as well as the ERM Program Coordinator.

If you are interested and have ideas for a Capstone Project topic, please complete this form.  If you have any questions, please contact the ERM coordinator, John Maleyeff,

Use this form to have a project idea reviewed by ERM faculty.