The DSLab held its sixth research symposium on November 3, 2023.

The Boston University Metropolitan College (MET) Decision Sciences Research Lab (DSLab) held its 6th internal symposium on November 3.  The symposium showcased current projects being undertaken by the DSLab, whose purpose is to provide opportunities for MET students to collaborate with professors and practitioners on research projects.  The presentations concerned repair inventory simulation analysis (Jocleyn Wang, Ruth Wootisarn, and Zoe Zhang), risk response analysis to mitigate climate change impacts (Hani Zheng, Charlie Liu, Camille Yao, and Jean Wu), a nurse training application (Siana Yu, Jake Hwang, and Rainy Xu), and validation for MBTA winter storm planning (Rainy Xu, Bonnie Wang, and Terry Liu). Watch the four presentations here.

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