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ICA 2024 Pre-Conference – Reimagining Digital Activism: Navigating Complexities and Forging New Perspectives

By ajk90February 1st, 2024in International Communications

CRC fellow Dr. Chris Chao Su is co-organizing the ICA 2024 pre-conference this year and has written an outline of what to expect:

ICA 2024 pre-conference on "Reimagining Digital Activism: Navigating Complexities and Forging New Perspectives."
Link to ICA preconference page here.

The rapid proliferation of digital technologies has reshaped the landscape of activism, attracting attention from scholars, journalists, and the public. However, as this field continues to evolve, it faces a myriad of challenges, from limited comparative research and data accessibility issues to the adaptation of digital repression by various regimes. As activists develop more sophisticated strategies, the need for in-depth exploration of their impact grows.

This pre-conference seeks innovative contributions exploring the intersection of activism and digital technologies, encompassing theoretical and empirical studies at both micro and macro levels. Co-organized by a diverse group of scholars hailing from different disciplines and regions, including CRC fellow Dr. Chris Chao Su, our collaborative effort includes scholars from the United States, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. We encourage critical examinations of lesser-studied movements, platforms, and issues, particularly those relevant to minority groups and the Global South.

Our sponsors, including Boston University’s College of Communication, the Sapere Aude: DFF-Starting Grant, and the Center on Digital Culture and Society at University of Pennsylvania, are excited to engage with insights and reflections on digital activism, which have the potential to reshape the future of digital activism research. Join us in Gold Coast, Australia, for this exciting exploration of the dynamic intersection between activism and the digital realm. For more information, please visit the event page.