SONA System

The College of Communication (COM) is committed to involving undergraduate and graduate students in scholarly research so that they may understand the importance of generating new knowledge at Boston University as a major research institution.



The SONA System helps administrators and researchers launch full-scale research, provide quality user-experience, and access participation information or study schedules anywhere in the world, from an array of web-accessible devices. For more information on SONA Systems, please visit the official website of SONA Systems.

To create a participant account, please visit the COM SONA system website. If you want to create a researcher account or add researcher role to your current participant account, please contact COM SONA admin at

If you have any questions related to the COM SONA, please also feel free to email The COM SONA System administrator will be happy to assist you.

Are You a Participant or a Researcher?

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*Note: The manuals and FAQs below will be periodically updated.


COM SONA Participant Manual (download pdf)
COM SONA Researcher Manual (download pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs by COM SONA Participants
FAQs by COM SONA Researchers (download pdf)