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Letter from the Director: July 2024

The Role of Information Integrity in BU’s Next Chapter By: Michelle Amazeen As part of COM’s strategic plan to focus on communication that helps society engage with modern challenges, many fellows of the Communication Research Center have been sharpening their attention on issues of information integrity. As such, it was unsurprising to see so many […]

Letter from the Director: May 2024

The Spring 2024 Semester in Review By: Michelle Amazeen With the end of another semester, I have been reflecting upon the many activities in the CRC and among our fellows in 2024, thus far. This spring, we launched the inaugural call for Faculty Research Seed Grant proposals with the aim of fostering inter-departmental, cross-disciplinary collaborations […]

Survey: Leery of Government Regulation, Americans Want Social Media to Police Misinformation

By Burt Glass The U.S. government should not regulate social media platforms, but the platform owners should remove, hide or limit traffic to posts with unverified information, according to Americans responding to a new Media & Technology Survey from Boston University’s College of Communication, out today. A strong plurality (46%) disagreed or strongly disagreed with […]

Interview: Exploring Sexting in the Digital Age with Dr. Coduto

By Violet Li Dr. Kathryn D. Coduto’s “Technology, Privacy, and Sexting: Mediated Sex”, published in September 2023, offers a critical look at sexting’s role in modern communication. Her research delves into the motives, technologies, and privacy concerns surrounding sexting, alongside its evolution amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Intrigued by the themes of the book, the Communication […]

Call for Proposals: COM Faculty Research Seed Grants

The Communication Research Center (CRC) of the Boston University College of Communication announces its inaugural call for proposals for Faculty Research Seed Grants to begin in Spring 2024. By awarding research grants to faculty within COM, the CRC seeks to promote inter-departmental, cross-disciplinary collaborations on communication-related issues that will help society engage with modern challenges. […]

ICA 2024 Pre-Conference – Reimagining Digital Activism: Navigating Complexities and Forging New Perspectives

CRC fellow Dr. Chris Chao Su is co-organizing the ICA 2024 pre-conference this year and has written an outline of what to expect: ICA 2024 pre-conference on “Reimagining Digital Activism: Navigating Complexities and Forging New Perspectives.” Link to ICA preconference page here. The rapid proliferation of digital technologies has reshaped the landscape of activism, attracting […]