Congratulations to CRC Fellow Dr. Lei Guo, Associate Professor in Emerging Media Studies! Dr. Guo is a Co-Principal Investigator on a $750,000 interdisciplinary multi-institutional grant just awarded to Temple University. 

Guo will be working in conjunction with Eduard Dragut, the Principal Investigator and other co-principal investigators from Temple University and UIC, to utilize a mixed-methods approach to examining the life cycle of local journalism.  

The proposed system will identify through reaction-intention analyses and topic drift those stages when journalism’s intended effects evolve into positive or negative unintended outcomes. Unintended, negative communication effects of news include the triggering of uncivil, polarizing discourse, audience misinterpretation, the production of misinformation, and the perpetuation of false narratives (e.g., conspiracy theories).

In addition to this grant, Dr. Guo has published over 30 research papers in leading peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Communication, Communication Research, and Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. Dr. Guo teaches “big data” analytics, interaction design, communication methods, and communication theory at the College of Communication.