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TB, HIV, and Aging in Uganda: The THAU 50/50 Study

In this edition of the URBAN ARCH Newsletter, we highlight the recently funded TB, HIV, and Aging in Uganda 50-over-50 (THAU 50/50) study.

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Spotlight on… Sylvia Shangani, PhD

In this issue, we interview Sylvia Shangani, co-investigator for the newly funded THAU 50/50 supplemental study, about her background in the field of HIV research, and her current work on the THAU 50/50 study. 


Article Spotlight

Heavy Alcohol Use Associated With an Increased Risk of Falls and Fall-related Health Outcomes Among People With HIV

Risky substance use among people with HIV (PWH) is associated with negative health outcomes. Researchers recently examined alcohol and/or other drug (AOD) use among participants in the Boston-based 4F Study (N=251) to determine any associations with falls and related outcomes, and whether frailty moderated the association.

  • The prevalence of AOD use in the cohort was: alcohol (35%), cocaine (24%), non-medical opioids (16%), and non-medical sedatives (13%). Overall, 35% of participants had a fall, and 27% were frail.
  • In adjusted analyses, heavy alcohol use was associated with a fall (adjusted odds ratio [aOR], 1.49), multiple falls (aOR, 1.55), and fall/fracture-related emergency department visit or hospitalization (aOR, 1.81). Higher average consumption per day and more days of heavy drinking were associated with a risk of multiple falls.
  • Non-medical sedative use was associated with an increased risk of a fall, multiple falls, and emergency department visit/hospitalization. Non-medical opioid use was associated with an increased risk of fracture.
  • Frailty moderated the association of heavy alcohol use and a fall (aOR, 2.26).

Comments: AOD use was associated with increased risk of falls and fractures among this cohort of PWH; the risk was most pronounced among participants with heavy alcohol use, especially those with frailty. Interventions to address risky AOD use are needed to prevent falls and fall-related health outcomes among this population.

Reference: Kim TW, Bertholet N, Magane KM, et al. Alcohol Consumption and Illicit Drug Use: Associations With Fall, Fracture, and Acute Health Care Utilization Among People With HIV Infection. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2024;95(4):391-398.

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RSA Satellite Meeting on Alcohol and HIV

Join The Consortia for HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Research Translation for the 3rd annual satellite meeting of Research on Alcohol and HIV. The objective of this meeting is to present updates on alcohol research among people living with HIV from several large NIAAA-funded HIV and alcohol consortia, including the International URBAN ARCH Center. Data will be presented from across the research spectrum including data from both domestic and international cohorts. Please click here for more information about the satellite meeting, and register here by May 1.

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