URBAN ARCH, a member of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) CHAART (Consortiums for HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Research Translation) initiative, conducts and disseminates interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding how alcohol use impacts people affected by HIV and develops interventions to reduce alcohol use and alcohol and HIV-related consequences in this population.


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New Publication: An integrated videoconferencing intervention for chronic pain and heavy drinking among patients in HIV-care: a proof-of-concept study. (Palfai et al, AIDS Care)

New Publication: Assessing the interaction between depressive symptoms and alcohol use prior to antiretroviral therapy on viral suppression among people living with HIV in Rural Uganda. (Foley et al., AIDS Care)

New Publication: Food insecurity and substance use in people with HIV infection and substance use disorder. (Raja et al., Substance Abuse.)

New Publication: Stigma and quality of co-located care for HIV-positive people in addiction treatment in Ukraine: a cross-sectional study. (Sereda et al., JIAS)

New Publication: Effect of zinc supplementation vs placebo on mortality risk and HIV disease progression among HIV-positive adults with heavy alcohol use. (Freiberg et al., JAMA)

New Publication: Alcohol and bone turnover markers among people living with HIV infection and substance use disorder. (Kim et al., Alcohol: Clin and Exp Res.)

New Publication: The impact of alcohol use on tuberculosis treatment outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (Ragan et al., Int J Tuberc Lung Dis.)

New Publication: Tutorial in biostatistics: The use of generalized additive models to evaluate alcohol consumption as an exposure variable. (White et al., Drug Alcohol Depend.)

New Publication: Liver Fibrosis and Accelerated Immune Dysfunction (Immunosenescence) Among HIV-infected Russians With Heavy Alcohol Consumption – An Observational Cross-Sectional Study. (So-Armah et al., BMC Gastroenterol)


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