URBAN ARCH Welcomes Julia Purks, a CFAR Summer Intern

julia p natalia jeffrey 1

l-r: Natalia Gnatienko, Julia Purks, and Jeffrey Samet at a LINC team meeting on May 27, 2016

URBAN ARCH welcomes Julia Purks, an undergraduate biology student at Boston College, who joined the team recently as a CFAR summer intern. Julia will work under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey Samet over the next several weeks on manuscript and presentation preparation. She will become a member of the Russia ARCH research team by conducting literature reviews around topics of HIV and addiction as well as by gaining experience in research design and data analysis.

During her time here, Julia will observe at several addiction medicine clinics at Boston Medical Center in order to learn more about various addiction medicine treatment programs, support groups, and related career paths. Her interests include women’s health, HIV/AIDS care, and LGBTQ health, and her long-term goal is to attend medical school to become a primary care physician.