Spotlight on URBAN ARCH: Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) 41st Annual Scientific Meeting

June 16 – 20, 2018 • San Diego, CA • Manchester Grand Hyatt

Attendees: Julian Adong • Shirish Barve • Carly Bridden • Nneka Emenyonu • Robin Fatch • Judith Hahn •Allen Kekibiina • Evgeny Krupitsky • Winnie Muyindike • Tibor Palfai • Anita Raj • Richard Saitz • Jeffrey Samet • Jennifer Wagman • Sarah Woolf-King

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Sunday, June 17                 10:00-11:30 AM                 Symposia Session I                  Harbor D

Alcohol and Health: Essential Knowledge for Health Professions – Murray, Samet


Sunday, June 17                 1:20-2:50 PM                      Symposia Session II                  Harbor E

Publishing Alcohol Clinical Science – Saitz


Sunday, June 17                 4:50-6:50 PM                      Poster Session II                      Grand Hall AB

# 177 Digital Health Screening in HIV Infected Persons in Uganda to Increase Alcohol Reporting – Kekibiina, Woolf-King, Emenyonu, Fatch, Rose, Muyindike, Hahn


#209  Associations Between Hazardous Alcohol Use, Antiretroviral Receipt and Viral Suppression in HIV-Positive People Who Inject Drugs in the U.S., India, Russia, Vietnam – Wagman, Matsuzaki, Gnatienko, Metsch, Del Rio, Delaney, Dong, Kahana, Crane, Altice, Lucas, Mehta, El-Sadr, Quan, Springer, Tsui, Samet


Monday, June 18               4:50-6:50 PM                      Poster Session II                       Grand Hall AB

#255 Change in Alcohol Consumption and Change in Inflammatory Biomarkers in HIV+ Drinkers- So-Armah, Freiberg, Cheng, Patts, Ma, White, Tracy, Doyle, Gnatienko, Lioznov, Bryant, Krupitsky, Samet (moved from 6/20 #236)


Tuesday, June 19               3:10-4:40 PM                      Symposia Session IX                  Harbor E

Advances in Clarifying Alcohol’s Role in HIV Acquisition in Sub-Sahara Africa

3:33 – 3:51pm Social desirability and reported alcohol use among persons with HIV in Uganda – Adong , Fatch, Emenyonu, Cheng, Kekibiiina, Ngabirano, Muyindike, Samet, Hahn


3:51pm – 4:09pm HIV Counselors’ Perspectives on Integrating an Alcohol and Violence Screening & Brief Intervention Into Standard Post-Test Counseling in Ugandan Fishing Villages– Wagman, Bonnevie, Nakyanjo, Breuer, Ssekyewa, Ddaaki, Kigozi


Wednesday, June 20          12:45-2:45 PM                   Poster Session I                         Grand Hall AB

# 178 Tuberculin Skin Test Response among HIV-Infected Alcohol Users on Antiretrovirals in Uganda ­-Muyindike, Fatch, Cheng, Emenyonu, Ngabirano, Adong, Linas, Jacobson, Hahn

**ODD NUMBER posters are manned in the 1st hour and EVEN NUMBERS in the 2nd hour**